Critical CSS in 1 Click

Faster page loads, increased conversions, and improved SEO.

Better Performance, Better Experience

Don't let poor page performance impact your SEO scores, or user experience.

Page Performance

CSS Stylesheets are almost always render blocking leaving your website blank until all critical resources are loaded, parsed, and executed. Inlining critical CSS allows the browser to render only whats needed to display the above-the-fold content.

SEO Ranking

Critical Styles can help deliver a fast, smooth user experience–an important part of building any web application. Google has even made speed a major ranking factor for mobile search results.

Bounce Rate

Users with slow networks, especially on mobile, are much less likely to wait for your website to load. Critical Styles enables you to inline critical CSS, significantly improving initial page load resulting in greater content consumption and a lower bounce rate.

Lead Conversions

Using Critical Styles results in a faster website, lower bounce rate, and a better SEO ranking. What that really equates to, however, is less missed opportunities. More form fills, more sales transactions, and more user registrations.